CCW Conceal Carry Gun License
Illinois classes coming in Jan.
Shooting Classes now being please
In Home or Business training--Email Please (4 minimum +Fee)
OUR Training Could Save your LIFE
Wi. Concealed Carry Training Academy

Be More Prepared than 99% of Americans when it comes to Personal Safety and Protection in this 2+ hr. course

 We'll show you 3 things you should always carry for Self Defense
(Not Guns, Total cost less than $75 and No CCW Required)

Learn over 40 tips, Tricks, Techniques, and Strategies for your Personal Safety
No Gun Experience Needed-This is a NON Shooting,
Physical NO Test Course and Qualifies as Training for your Wi. CCW--Guaranteed
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Free Class if you have your Wi. CCW and are bringing Friends or Family for their CCW Training and Safety Class
We teach methods to avoid dangerous situations and prevent criminal confrontations. The most important factor in surviving a criminal attack is to have an overall safety strategy before you need it. We Train you to deal with personal safety issues as well as home, automobile, telephone, technological, and travel security and personal safety strategies and devices you can integrate into your daily lives.
Trained By Nationally Certified Instructor and Former Private Detective/BodyGuard

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 YOU Will receive a Certificate  at this course
We will also FILL out ALL paperwork in class with you for your CCW and have it ready for you to mail  After Class
including addressed envelope and postage

Very Limited spots for Classes Email--Click Here
This Course WILL Qualify as Training for your Wisconsin Concealed Carry License-GUARANTEED

 Wisconsin Dept. Of Justice CCW Q & A PDF  CLICK HERE

After the Course we will have a Concealed Firearm Q & A Session with a Discussion of Rights, Laws, Responsibilities, and More about Carrying a Concealed Firearm.  We will also discuss other less lethal alternatives for self protection 

NO Gun Experience Needed-This is a Non Shooting--NO Test Course
Shooting Classes available Separately - Your Guns or Ours

Taught by Nationally Certified Instructor and former Private Detective/Bodyguard
 Courses are filling FAST please email for next available open course and Payment details
 Payment must be received in Advance before Reservation for You is confirmed.

Courses are filled for most of The rest of the year
 We do have a few openings for private and Business classes Email for info.

You do not need to own or have experience with firearms
we will also be discussing other less lethal alternatives made legal with the new law

courses are $197 per person payable in advance

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